Score Significant Cost-Savings!

What We Do

RedZone Group Purchasing offers venue owners and operators the opportunity to save money on most everything they buy, through the power of group purchasing and volume discounts.

How It Works

When venue operators sign on as a RedZone member, they receive a unique member number which is then linked to their vendor accounts.  The result of having the member (vendor) accounts linked with national supplier contracts is lower pricing. Because of the vast vendor portfolio available, in most cases, the buyers can use their existing vendor accounts.

Who Are RedZone Members?

There are currently hundreds of small, medium and large sports and entertainment venues across the country enjoying the cost-saving benefits of this group purchasing membership including The Talking Stick Resort Arena (see Case Study), Cirque de Soleil, Golden 1 Arena, Mercedes Benz Stadium, and The United Center, to name a few. (See Testimonials).

Our member venues and their operators benefit each day from the discount pricing which a RedZone membership provides them.  Learn more about becoming a member.

“Thank you for saving IAVM Headquarters [facility] on products and services we achieve through your company. Also, thank you for saving millions of dollars for many of our IAVM member venues. You certainly make purchasing less painful with the pricing you have been able to deliver.”
Brad Mayne CVE, President & CEO, International Association of Venue Managers

Cost Savings

RedZone members save money on nearly every spending category. A sample savings is below:
A chart showing RedZone Group Purchasing savings samples

Key Benefits of RedZone Membership

  • Significant cost savings
  • No purchasing restrictions, minimums or commitments
  • Fast and easy sign-up
  • No additional work for staff
  • Direct access to hundreds of vendors
  • No auditing or reporting
  • No contract between RedZone members and vendors
  • Membership reduces need for RFP’s
This two-minute video explains how and why members save.

Peter Secord from RedZone Group Purchasing discusses how to improve the operational efficiencies of arenas, stadiums and other large facilities with Greg Wolfe of IAVM (International Association of Venue Managers) and John Siehl of VenuWorks.