Achieve Significant Cost-Savings!

What We Do

Reduce expenditures for greater financial performance at no cost.
RedZone Group Purchasing is an affiliate of one of the country’s largest group purchasing organizations (GPO’s) in the country. Redzone Group Purchasing member organizations can achieve significant cost savings on facilities maintenance repair, operations, uniform rentals, audio/visual products, pest control, appliances, furniture and building supplies, office equipment and services, food service disposables, medical supplies and more. Members access national contracts with industry-leading suppliers by aggregating the purchasing power of more than 13,000 hospitals, plus an additional 800,000 non-acute healthcare providers.
Authorized Distributors:
RedZone Group Purchasing members purchase products direct from manufacturers and through a host of authorized distributors. This provides member organizations the ability to order products they desire at preferred contract prices from a local representative and a nearby distribution center.
How to Join:
Becoming a RedZone Group Purchasing Member is simple and there are no fees or commitment. Request a Participation Agreement by contacting RedZone Group Purchasing by phone (888) 483-5017 or email . You will be assigned a member number, and your discounts will follow automatically.
Our comprehensive contract portfolio includes:

  • Facilities Maintenance-repair and operations
  • Office equipment, services and supplies
  • Food services and disposables
  • Medical supplies and equipment
  • Uniform rentals and purchases
  • Appliances
  • Audio/Visual and Information Technology
  • Furniture and building materials