RedZone Group Purchasing has been a godsend for our VenuWorks venues. Their discounts allow us to save our clients thousands and thousands of dollars every year.
Steven Peters, VenuWorks President

For those of you who do not know Peter and Red Zone, I highly suggest you visit with him. Anyone purchasing products and service could use his expertise in how you move forward in all purchasing options.
Brad Mayne, CVE, President & CEO, International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM)

Working through RedZone, our organization has realized significant savings- while we continue to order the same national brand products through our same dependable local and nationwide vendors. A real win-win.
Monte Chavez, Building Service Manager, SAP Center in San Jose, California

Purchasing through RedZone Group Purchasing has created instant savings when dealing with Home Depot, Grainger, and Office Depot.  After simply sending historical invoices from these vendors, they were able to get better pricing on the majority of the items.  Savings range per item but are frequently around 10%.  Once I saw the value, I applied through RedZone and received my new account numbers as well as his purchasing rates.  I now look to RedZone as a constant resource for any purchasing needs.
Adam Fullerton, General Manager, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Georgia

RedZone Group Purchasing has been very easy to work with and signing up was extremely easy.  Once we became part of the program, the RedZone representative, Peter Secord, connected us with all the participating vendors on our behalf.  Vendors with which we have already been a customer automatically changed our pricing to reflect the group purchasing discounts.  New vendors have offered us the RedZone pricing and we are in process of making the cost comparison to our current vendors that are not a part of RedZone.  Any issues or questions that we have had have all been handled by RedZone very quickly.  It really has been a relatively smooth process.
Sam Carr, Operations Analyst, Amalie Arena, Florida

I hope that all ASM facilities that are eligible to utilize the benefits of this group purchasing organization are doing so and have the pleasure to work alongside RedZone.

I cannot say enough about the efforts that (he) our RedZone rep has made in trying to establish a positive working relationship between ASM and RedZone. Since the first phone call I made to them, they have gone out of their way to make the process of getting connected with the GPO as simple as possible. Their hands-on approach and willingness to share knowledge allowed me to become more well versed in the world of GPOs and helped me convince superiors that it was a viable cost saving option. In the short time between when I was introduced to RedZone, I have been able to identify multiple projects that could be completed in a more cost-effective manner.

In addition to the savings on these projects, we were able to get discounts from Grainger and initiate a relationship with our local rep. After working in Richmond for over two years we had never met our Grainger rep but as soon as I associated our local account with RedZone Group Purchasing account he set up a meeting with us to discuss our options moving forward. The Grainger rep gave us an across-the-board Group Purchasing program discount, additional categorized discounts for items we frequently purchased as well as informed us of all of the safety and service audits they could provide or coordinate for us as a valued customer. It was an amazing turn around for a company that we only used in worst case scenarios due to their high pricing.

Thank you for saving IAVM Headquarters [facility] on products and services we achieve through your company. Also, thank you for saving millions of dollars for many of our IAVM member venues. You certainly make purchasing less painful with the pricing you have been able to deliver.
Brad Mayne, CVE, President & CEO, International Association of Venue Managers

Hopefully everyone in the ASM family is taking advantage of this cost saving opportunity and great resource.
Brian Liivak, Director of Operations, ASM, Indiana

I have had the privilege of working with RedZone for the past year. Their staff’s drive and passion for what they do is evident minutes into a conversation. I would say this, if they reach out to you give them a few minutes you won’t be disappointed.
Frankie Lopez, Supplyworks, National Accounts Manager

RedZone Group Purchasing has had consistently quick responses to all of our questions and has kept us up to date on new opportunities to save money in our arena. We were skeptical as to the savings that could be made if we had to change vendors when we first heard about the program. They did a great job of introducing us to the many partners that we already did business with and how much more we can save with RedZone. Working with RedZone has been a very positive experience.
Jack Larson VP/GM of the Xcel Energy Center, Minnesota

Our venues have experienced tremendous savings working with RedZone. With literally no effort, we are able to take advantage of superior pricing on everything from food & beverage inventory, operational supplies, equipment, and much more!
Tim Sullivan, SVP, Chief Financial Officer, VenuWorks, Iowa

Implementation was quick and easy. We have saved on everything from batteries, furniture, televisions, copy paper, to wheelchairs. I am amazed at all of the products we have saved money on through these contracts.
Ralph Marchetta, SVP GM, Talking Stick Resort Arena, Arizona

RedZone Group Purchasing has helped us realize significant cost savings with our recent employee uniform purchases for all part-time and full-time staff. Big win for all parties involved.
Alex Rodrigo, Arena GM, Golden 1 Center, Sacramento, California